Chasing Marty (Day 56, Year 3)

I always imagined if I was chasing a senior citizen that I'd be able to catch them. 

I don't always imagine chasing senior citizens. I am not some sort of weirdo. But, I guess if I imagined chasing a senior citizen and like if you asked me, "Hey, Trish could you catch a senior citizen if you were chasing them on your bicycle?" I'd say, "Of course! I am young!"

But, friends, I found out tonight, that I cannot catch a senior citizen. 

I spent my entire 60 minute Peloton ride chasing Marty, age 73, from New Rochelle. Marty was always just a few output numbers ahead of me. I was so close and then Marty disappeared from the leaderboard. At first, I was darkly happy and thought maybe his hip or something was bothering him (I mean my hip was bothering me). Then I was worried because what if his hip was bothering him and no one was home to help him? 

Anyway, I scrolled through the leader board and realized Marty, age 73, from New Rochelle, had accelerated (guess his HIP WAS FINE!) and I'd have to try harder to catch him. Before I started my descent into madness, I stopped to take this deranged selfie. 

I tried to catch him; but hone it was no use: Marty, age 73, from New Rochelle was TOO FAST for Trish, age 40-something, from Haddon Township. 

I briefly thought I should try and find Marty in one of my Peloton groups and ask him for all his secrets to good health at age 73; but all my groups are for Moms and Marty is definitely not a Mom. Which led me to understand why Marty, age 73, from New Rochelle could beat me:

He doesn't have three children in his house (or more accurately, at a variety of locations in the area requiring transport, lunches, costumes, money, uniforms, more money, therapy and more money). Marty's children probably live far away, giving Marty time to focus on his health and wellness. 

It's the only logical reason I could not catch him! 

Earlier today, Mike asked me what we would do with our time in 10 years when the children were all grown. I said, what did we do before we had children? Neither of us could remember. I feel like we always had clean underwear and once in a while did landscaping while day drinking. I think there was a lot of napping and shopping in stores for home goods. 

After we discussed all this, I felt a bit melancholy because as much as I get overwhelmed by the demands of parenthood and complain, I love my kids and all their chaos. Their noise and needs is what makes our family. I don't want them to abandon me for home goods shopping! 

But, then I encountered Marty and I realized I have 10 years to chase him, catch him and hopefully beat him when is Marty, age 83, from New Rochelle. Hopefully he will not use the next 10 years to increase too much in power and hopefully we both can get our hip pain in check. 

Marty, I am coming for you! 

PS Full disclosure, I don't even know who Marty is! His name was just on the leaderboard and I feel like he is might be lying about his age! I also don't know for sure if Marty has hip pain. I am not like stalking Marty! And I don't even know if Marty has children and he might even have 3 young children! Maybe his wife is 30.