Cat On a Hot Tin Roof (Day 55, Year 3)

I am feeling like a cat on a hot tin roof. Not in the hot and bothered Tennessee Williams sense, but in the sense that I want to sort of rip out my hair and scream "Go Away" very loudly. 

On a sidenote, I saw the play Cat On a Hot Tin Roof with an old friend at the Walnut Street Theater. She is not actually old; but our friendship has some legs. ANYWAY, it was beautifully performed. . but some portions of the plot have not stood the test of time, which reminds me of Rent. Sometimes things just don't age well, which will be my fate if I cannot get a few moments of serenity. 


Like right now, you know immediately, because I am losing it, friends (whatever it is)!

Nothing is really wrong, except my children have been more demanding that usual this week. And like the domino effect of one baby causing all the babies to cry in the nursery, the demands of one quickly cube to the demands of three. 

And, the Carrington-Adkins are not quiet people. We just are not. If you have come upon us when we are quiet, it is because we are injured or plotting something. We are very verbal. Our children are twice as verbal as we are and in that sense, the lot of them are 6 times as verbal. Today, one of them was screaming over the lack of autonomy granted when buying water on a field trip while simultaneously complaining about the color of sky. 

I texted a friend who replied "Remember the days when that (the color of sky) was our biggest concern?"

Well, friends, between 3:27-3:57 pm today, the color of the sky was my biggest concern because without a way to change the color of the sky, I had to listen to the screaming and harping and verbal thrashing. 

It is all too much. Then, there is soccer related whining. Then, there is french braid whining. Then, there are my personal assistant level duties which involve being dictated emails to send! DICTATED! I used to pretend to be unable to operate the photocopier at my early jobs to avoid being made an assistant by virtue of my copying skills and my gender. And now, I am somehow a personal assistant taking dictation. 

If I say no, they yell at me in mean voices. 

I know, I know, I sound weak! 

But, I am really just trying to survive and get off this roof!