2 Teens and A Tween. (Day 34, Year 3)

It is Friday night and one (if not all) of my children are angry with me. This is nearly everyday. I have no idea if this is par for the course having two teenagers and one tween or if I am simply a failure. 

Either way, I feel like one. 

Also, I hate the word tween; but it is easier than saying a child over 9 years old who isn't quite a teenager, yet is experimenting with being one.

Now is when someone will be tempted to comment with how WONDERFUL and GRATEFUL their teenagers are and school me in how to say "No" and how to "demand respect." Don't you LOVE that person who KNOWS everything?

Well, God loves them. But He loves everyone. 

Anyway, this stage of motherhood is more exhausting than the stage of motherhood when no one could be home alone and someone always needed a diaper change. At least then they were grateful, now they are often spiteful.

Of course, now I sound spiteful. I am trying not to be; but this is really hard guys. 

Anyway, this is where I am tonight: slightly spiteful, a bit hurt, very tired, unable to sleep with a load of laundry to switch because otherwise I won't have pants for tomorrow. 

I shared a picture of my three before they were angry with me. The picture is from 2013. Hopefully by 2033, everyone is finished being angry with me. I am not holding my breath, however.