The First Blog of 2023 (Day 1, Year 3)

Well, beaches, I am BACK for a third tour of writing. As with every New Year’s Day, I am always gobsmacked at the futuristic numbers that make up our actual year. I’ve only just gotten comfortable writing 2022 and now I am forced to adapt to writing 2023.

It’s a bit like when I’ve finally gotten my children to stop their evening arguments and fights, and come downstairs for a cup of tea and mindless television and the dog needs something the moment I’ve gotten comfortable.

The key to life, I suppose, is to realize that once you are comfortable, you will surely be interrupted so it’s best to keep a flexible spirit. I do fully believe this and often practice what I preach by screaming at my children to be more flexible when they are screaming at me that I’ve ruined their lives.

Like right now, I finally found a comfy spot in the car on the drive against the entire state of PA back to NJ. Before I finish this blog, several children will need things and I lose that comfy spot forever, resigning myself to a stiff neck. 

In the spirit of being stiff and uncomfortable, I’ve set some intentions of discomfort for this year:

1. Daily Writing in Yoke—with the intention of writing earlier, when I don’t feel like it, so maybe I have more “quiet mind” time at the end of the day. 

2. One Daily Peloton (or Peloton equivalent) activity daily—I fell off the exercise wagon in 2022. I was hardly inactive and I lost almost 30 lbs, but I wasn’t consistent because I was just taking the easy way out. 

3. Fierce dedication to starting and ending my work sessions with the Fast Five—I shared this practice a few Yokes ago. I like this practice of knocking out 5 attainable things quickly before I get into my work sessions. But, even though I like it, it is way easier to just scroll mindlessly and even get distracted with something work related. Easy messes up my productivity.

4. Get more rest-I am chronically tired. My husband scoffed at my original big goal of going to bed earlier. I am the one who makes us stay up late! His scoffing is a challenge. I think I am going to start by tracking my rest and seeing if I can add a few extra moments here or there. If he continues scoffing, maybe I’ll make him get all the children to school and sleep until 9am.

5. Tackling all the uncomfortable things that I don’t want to talk about ever—Like laundry and budgets and my writing career and my mother and giving myself grace Friends, I may be an open, honest book, but you haven’t read all the chapters yet. I’ve got lots of uncomfortable things in my life, so I guess maybe I’ll try to get out of my Costco recliner and deal with them. 

I am going to start with grace. I am not going to look at this list at the end of 2023. I’ll know it exists. I’ll remember some of it. It will make me uncomfortable and I’ll let it. I just don’t need to judge myself against it. 

Grace is the gift I’ll try my best to give myself. 

Happy whatever year it is now friends, of the future! 



  1. What is the fast five? I have also committed to a blue dot everyday on my Peloton calendar. Some days may be ten min and or meditating but it will be there!!


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