She's my kinda girl (Day 24, Year 3)

This evening, Chloe came home and grabbed some paper towels to pick up the remains of a mouse our cat tortured (and then murdered). 

She was just home from her 14th birthday dinner. 

Chloe is this kind of girl. She is the girl who will roll up her sleeves, take charge and do what has to be done, always. She is also the kind of girl who is as comfortable spinning in a ball gown or dancing on a stage as she hiking up a mountain or sorting clothes at a shelter or playing UNO for 6 hours straight.

Chloe is also the kind of girl who endlessly worries about the people she loves--her friends, her sister, her brother, her dog, her killer cat (she checked Rosie for post murder injuries) and  Mike and me.

She has always worked hard and loved hard. Chloe is the kindest, most honest, most heartfelt person I know. She isn't afraid to be honest-even if it is hard. Chloe has this way of seeing people for who they are beneath who they appear to be. She sees me in ways I don't ever see myself. This isn't her responsibility, of course, to see people--but Chloe cannot help it. I think this is her super power. 

I am just so proud of her--the way she loves and shows love and the way she carries all the burdens life has placed upon her. To be the sister of childhood cancer survivor is a heavy weight to carry; but I know Chloe will never put it down. 

I remember the last time that Lily had a medical emergency and we found ourselves rushing out the door to get her to the hospital. Chloe was just 12. She took Nicholas to our neighbor's house. Once we knew what was happening with Lily, we called Chloe to check in. That call was not us checking on Chloe--it was Chloe checking on Lily. Asking what the doctor said, asking for a timeline, asking all the questions we asked. 

Before we hung up, she said, "Mom, I am going to go clean up our room and get it ready for when Lily comes home after surgery."

And that's exactly what she did.

Happy 14th Birthday Chloe! We love you.