Over 20 Years (Day 27, Year3)

Well friends, we survived another week! Today, I spent the day running around and prepping my girls for the Lemon Ball tomorrow night; while also prepping the house for Chloe's 14th Birthday party. I am not sure why we vaccummed or mopped because the girls just toss things on the ground and then move to a new location and toss something else. 

It is like some sort of teenage girl confetti trail. 

I loved being a teenage girl. I think I really hit my stride at 14. Ninth grade was wonderful and then high school was fantastic. I enjoyed enough drama and angst to make it interesting and then I made friends I have had for life. Oh, plus I met my husband. All in all, it was a good run.  

Of course, I would not like to go back. There were plenty of things I did not enjoy. I did not enjoy asking to use the bathroom. I did not enjoy Mrs. Cherry, the substitute who had it out for me. I did not enjoy my part-time job. And well, I am glad for all the times that came after--college was great, Vermont after college was an experience and then somehow Mike and I made it to Jersey, where we have remained for over 20 years. 

While saying "over 20 years," is one of the signs that your life has reached a peak and you are beginning the final descent, it also feels pretty freaking great, right? Like, maybe, I am actually a bonafide adult who can handle adult things. Now, there are several adult things I don't want to handle (see Days 1-365, Years 1 and 2, Days 1-26, Year 3); but there are also things I can handle. Like, I can handle my oldest daughter turning into a young woman and I love it. It is fun to laugh with her and it is a join to have her at the table with our friends. 

I still cannot handle things like laundry or picking up mice the cat murdered. But, this is why I have children. I also cannot handle several things because I have children--like the toilet seat covered in urine daily, courtesy of my son. 

And thinking, when there are 10 teenage girls cackling about everything under the sun. Who could focus with so much joy and friendship in the house?

Anyway, I have to wrap this up, because I since I say things like "OVER 20 YEARS," I need my beauty sleep (and my old lady eye cream).