Mail Call (Day 21, Year 3)

Well, friends, the mail delivery was much improved today! Instead of receiving letters about claiming bodies, I received my 2023 Erin Condren calendar and a variety of notebooks and other stationary accessories. I also received my shipment of Ozempic--the drug everyone is all a buzz about. 

I mean what could be better than personalized paper products and prescription drugs!?! (Maybe a case of unmarked hundred dollar bills, but that’s not realistic!) 

If you don’t know what I talking about re: claiming bodies, I invite you to read yesterday’s Yoke. (And I don't have any body claiming updates. Although, most who have been privy to the letter agreed: someone is running some scam. I'll keep you posted. And I don't even have appropriate emotions over it all. I know this is the sign of mental distress. But, I'm fine. Maybe. Whatever! On with the blog!) 

Paper calendars are old school and don’t allow for intense family collaboration and the synching of calendars. But in this age of endless information sharing and orchestrating everyone’s time via iCal, I like to have something private just for me. After all, no matter how many people you share your calendar with-your time is your own! 

I know it is funny for me to say, the lady who shares the vast majority of her dysfunction and dark secrets on the daily in a blog, but I like to keep my schedule private. Besides what I said about owning my time; I just like to know I have some level of control over things. Which brings me to my Ozempic!

Everyone, including the old folks on 60 Minutes, is a buzz over Ozempic. The stars in Hollywood who are just like us(only famous and rich!) even want it. I was not prescribed it for weight loss, although it certainly supports that by slowing your digestion, making you violently vomit until you are used to it, causing constipation and then diarrhea, then sulfur burps that smell like rotting flesh and in turn your appetite is minimized. (DOESN'T IT SOUND WONDERFUL!?) 

I take the "miracle" drug for my Type 2 diabetes. 

I was diagnosed last April. It was very sudden--I'd never even been pre-diabetic. But, I had COVID to start 2022 (and all viruses cause a spike in your blood sugar). There are some studies that say COVID can kick-off Type 2 diabetes in susceptible populations. And I am susceptible given my history of severe preeclampsia and also a family history of diabetes. Ozempic has truly worked for me and truly the occasional side effects have been worth it. My A1C dropped to the level the doctor wanted. My daily blood sugars have been great. I've lost some weight. The drug also has some heart benefits and with my preeclampsia history, my heart health is always top of mind. 

Most important: I feel like I have some level of control over my health. And in this crazy life of mine, I'll take all the control I can get.