Into the Woods on a Mountain (Day 6, Year 3)

Well friends, if you have read this blog for the past two years, you know that I go into the woods a few times a year, despite my general sensibilities that are more into town than the woods. This time, I've upped the ante and adventure factor by not only going into the woods, but driving up some sort of mountain to get to the woods!

And to make it even more adventurous and interesting, we are camping at the former location of HONEYMOON HAVEN! 

Before you assume I am at some sort of former brothel/love nest resort, Honeymoon Haven was a newlywed retreat in the Poconos and now, keeping in line with tradition and theme, is still a place you can go and learn about the birds and the bees. Only now it is the literal birds and bees and it is an environmental education center! 

On a sidenote, my parents honeymooned nearby and visited Bushkill Falls and I have this sense that they stayed HERE, maybe even in Cabin 9.  This could be the location of the very beginning of my story! 

This trip is not a HONEYMOON! My husband isn't even here! My friend Allie is here and we intend upon taking lots of selfies together, while our girls learn winter survival skills. I also intend upon hiking. We did our first night hike tonight through some very slippery woods. I did not slip, however, I gracefully shuffled my Keen hiking boots across rocks and logs and then accidentally turned my flash light on the "strobe/seizure" function. 

The other troops ARE NOT fans of the "strobe/seizure" function. 

Anyway, this weekend will be an adventure and hopefully a bit of a retreat into the woods (on a mountain). I've already relaxed enough to remove the splitter in my hand (from Tuesday), there is WIFI, the shower does not contain spiders or mice and Allie packed some Costco tiramisu desserts, so it's like a 5-star classy resort, which I am sure would make the Honeymoon Haven alumni very proud of us!