I ate a bad hot dog (Day 8, Year 3)

Well, friends, I survived Survival Weekend! Chloe and her fellow Girl Scouts got patches for surviving, my co-leader I am did not get patches, but we did get sore muscles, a few injuries and I think I might have food poisoning from either a bad hot dog OR pickles OR maybe the ants that were in the Frosted Flakes. 

I did not actually eat the Frosted Flakes and ants, but I suspect the ants may have crawled over on my bagel! 

I should say I survived, thus far. When I googled "I ate a bad hot dog," it said symptoms could last for 3 weeks and cause death. So, I'll let you know in February! 

Anyway, I am very glad to be home in my warm house, with all my children and my husband and the variety of animals that live here. I am also happy for my bed and the television. I am not happy that tomorrow is Monday; but I'll get over it by Wednesday. 

Minus the bad hot dog, I am pretty okay with my sore muscles and injuries. Some of the injuries were from some EXTREME snow (ice) tubing. I'm pretty sure I was going 50 mph on that tube! I also hiked several miles--maybe even in the dozen or dozens (my Apple watch died and its too much work to do math while also writing and waging a battle against food poisoning). Today, my friend Allie and I hiked to these gorgeous water falls and then inadvertently up to the top of a mountain. I say inadvertently because no where in the trail guide did it mention BEING ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN AND GETTING THERE BY YOURSELF.

I briefly considered staying there forever. There were great views and good company and a nearby waterfall and it was a lot of work to climb there. But then, I decided I was hungry.

And then I ate the bad hot dog (or pickles or ants). 

The lesson in all this friends is when you manage to climb up to the top of a mountain on purpose or on accident, you should stay there a while. After all, you earned it and all that waits below is acute gastrointenstinal distress. Of course, your bed and your warm house and loving family also awaits, so maybe climb down and make good food choices, instead of becoming the "woman of the mountain."

Anyway, I am clearly exhausted and delirious, so with that, I am going to remove my 4 pairs of pants and woolen socks and go to bed!