Hold On For One More Day (Day 7, Year 3)

Well friends, I am surviving survival weekend. I have not done any of the reading, yoga or knitting that was promised in the very detailed handbook. But I have hiked several miles up and down and back up and then up even higher and then down a steep hill that is best for rolling not walking. I have also learned all sorts of Girl Scout leader insider knowledge that I will forget by Monday. 

Oh and I managed to call a stranger both a "big baby" and a woman "with elderly, aged eyes," all in the course of 4 hours. So, really I am earning my Winter Survival Patch (which I will lose by Monday, for sure). 

To sum up my status for this evening, I am going to quote the eternal and wise musical stylings of the iconic Wilson Phillips and say, all that is left is to hold on for one more day. 

I think I can do it. Tomorrow's camping agenda is intense. It includes waking up before the sun to pack up for a sunrise inspection of our cabin (it's very militant sounding, right?). Then breakfast (we have to arrive early to hoard the food, lest we don't eat), followed up our troop learning about wild edibles or predators or something to do with compasses and then a 3 miles, by choice hike up to a mountain ridge and down to a ravine (will definitely be a trail better rolled down than walked) and, of course SNOW TUBING!

Snow tubing sounded like an amazing idea two weeks ago and now I am just very tired and my buttocks muscles are very sore from the up and down hiking. But, we are signed up and we are going. I am hoping the snow tubes are relaxing like pool tubes. 

I think they totally will be!