Brilliant Times Drei (Day 9, Year 3)

I did several brilliant things today, friends! 

I know, I know, I always do brilliant things. But today I was particularly brilliant--brilliant like the super bright moon bursting in the January sky tonight; brilliant like a giant diamond just waiting to be stolen by an international jewelry thief; brilliant like a mother. 

Now, I did not reach an amazing level of professionalism nor did I manage to get my children scholarships or awards. I did not even manage to sell one box of Girl Scout cookies (not that I can actually sell cookies until later this week; but we all know everyone is already lining up customers in secret!). I barely managed to pack a lunch for my youngest child. But, I was brilliant in a way that can only happen after nearly 17 years of motherhood and three children! 

First, I did not clean for the cleaners in the way I normally do. I simply sent the cleaner a text that said "As you know my children are very messy. Just do what you can."

Then I had a lovely cup of coffee and took a deep breath! It was so refreshing. Normally, I declutter their rooms, which are basically pits of horror and expensive trash, in an effort to make them appear less disgusting to the cleaners. 

But, why do I care? My children clearly don't. 

Second, I took a nap! I felt drowsy after a big lunch and a meeting. I was outside in the garage, hiding from the cleaners (I am not ready to face them yet after they saw the children's rooms before my pre cleaning). Our old couch is out there and so was the pillow and sleeping bag from camping. Also, my husband's fancy executive office is out there and a very nice space heater Santa gave him for Christmas. I made myself a bed on that garage couch, pointed the heater at my face and climbed in my mummy bag for a long winter's nap. 

It was glorious and I woke up feeling like I could conquer the world! By world, I mean dinner and my children. 

Third, I made my middle daughter and her friend finish cooking dinner, so I did not have to stress out and do everything. I was racing around trying to prep homemade mac and cheese and fruit within a tiny window of time before I had to get my oldest to her horse backing riding lessons. My girls were standing there and I said, "Hey, can you make dinner?" And then, they did it. And it was delicious and they were entertained for 30 minutes. 

It feels glorious to give up control. Now, I have the mental bandwidth to do my German Ab Series (I can count in German now! At least I think I am counting) and maybe have a coherent adult conversation with my husband about the egg shortage.