Yorkshire pudding is my favorite food (Day 359, Year 2)

I think Yorkshire pudding is my favorite food. I only have it once a year and yes, it is made from the fatty, salty drippings from our Christmas Prime Rib.  And, also, I know this is not a health food, especially for a diabetic who is being treated for high blood pressure and cholesterol, thanks to preeclampsia and genetics. I refuse to thank Yorkshire pudding for my chronic health conditions; since it deserves no credit due to the once a year nature of consumption.

What’s the point of all of this old lady talk? Well, it’s just to say that I think no matter what happens or how old we get or how many chronic health conditions we navigate, everyone should have their favorite things at least once a year. And, of course, Christmas lends itself to favorite things!

Here are some of my other favorite things:

1. Red lipstick (and, of course, a red bag that coordinates! I told my daughters you must always have a handbag that matched your signature statement lipstick. They rolled their eyes; BUT I know they will tell others this someday with an air of authority!)

2. All my children in one room laughing at the television! (It brings me back to the days of Doc McStuffuns and Super Why! and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

3. My husband’s laugh (he has a great sense of humor; but can also be so serious. Getting him to laugh is sometimes akin to making it snow in Hawaii. He will disagree; but I am right. I am always right!)

4. The text chain I have with my friends (yes, I know it is like I am 14, instead of 40-something. But these broads make me laugh and I think I make them laugh).

5. Books (all of them in all formats all the time. )

6. Traditions (like making Yorkshire pudding and Prime Rib on Christmas and staying in my pajamas until 12/26 and pretending like we are snowed in every Christmas.) 

And that’s it. I don’t like anything else except for 7 trillion other things like taking about myself, handing out “okay” advice, telling everyone why I don’t like Harry and Megan, cooking elaborate meals no one eats and my shiny cell phone case. 

Merry Christmas! I hope today was marked with your favorite things and I hope the year ahead is marked with many, many more.