When your ship is sinking. . .(Day 349, Year 2)

Friends, there is always so much awful news. I live in the land of extreme news with my childhood cancer life. There are days when things are incredible and other days when things are really the worst. It's a mixed bag and sometimes when I stop to think of those things it feels a little like my mental ship is sinking.

It is not that I am depressed or in mental health crisis. I am just sad when I think of all it. The world is heavy and knowledge is often sorrow. This evening I felt like this way--sad for friends with kids in treatment, for the uncertainty of childhood cancer, for the fears I will always have for my own daughter and even my other two children. It's a lot sometimes. 

But, when your ship is sinking the best ship is always THE FRIENDSHIP!

I walked into my office and sat at my desk to write and discovered these stamped Post It notes all other the place with a little note that said "Made by Chloe and Mikayla."

Chloe asked Mikayla to sit with her at her lunch table earlier this year. Now, that invitation led to a lovely, giggly, Uno-obsessed friendship that is a joy to watch. Their friendship just brightened my entire night. (Also Mikayla encourages Chloe to do her chores! She's really the BEST!). 

Then I had a series of ridiculous texts from some mom friends about a holiday night out and just laughed at all the ridiculous planning (which includes a stop to see our children's former kindergarten teacher who is bartending somewhere that night). I was laughing so hard at it all that I almost fell out of the window. 

I mean, really, friendship is the best ship. 

In all my hard, hard times, friends have been the ones to pull me through. I know for some of you it is your families--and yes I had great family support--but there is nothing like being ridiculous and laughing and crying and hashing out the horrible and the wonderful and gossiping and joking with friends. It is this type of friendship that has always saved me when I was sinking. 

I am so thankful for friendship. Those friends of mine and those friendships I get to watch.