Stop and see the lights. (Day 350, Year 2)

I think the Christmas weekend we spend in Hershey is my most favorite weekend of the year. My kids were so little when we first began this tradition and now, well, they are not little anymore. But still this weekend has not lost its magic--chocolate and lights and rides and seeing our best friends who are like family makes this weekend so sweet. 

I love the memories we make here together. It's all a bit Hallmarky--and of course not perfect because, well we are not perfect. I intend upon savoring every single moment of it because even though it is an annual tradition, you only get every moment of your life once. 

In the craziness of the Christmas season and the end of the year, it is so easy to forget to pause and actually look at the Christmas lights and savor those moments when someone you love unwraps the gift you chose for them. We rush and we do and we work so hard this time of year at home and at work. But, the hardest work of all is the work it takes to force ourselves to simply just be. 

I am going to stop and see the lights, friends, for the rest of 2022. 

So with that, I am closing out tonight's Yoke. We are all snuggled in our hotel room watching a Christmas movie and resting up for another sweet day of being together.