One week until. . . it's a wrap! (Day 352, Year 2)

 I have six more books to read to reach my Good Reads goal of 60 books this year! I just wrapped up the very cheesy and very sweet (especially for books about murders at Christmas) Christmas Tree Farm three part series. 

I loved these books--such a perfect escape from regular life. While I don't wish to find dead bodies or investigate murders or like be chased by murderers or live in Maine in December and drink hot chocolate with every meal, I do wish to live in the Christmas spirit and eat Snickdoodles for breakfast! And that's what this series was like: sweet, cinnamon-y Snickerdoodles for breakfast--a harmless indulgence! 

Now,  I have to laser focus on my last 6 books and I am struggling to make reading decisions. I know I'll get this done and I'll do it while reading about Christmas romances and mysteries and festive, seasonal murders! Hopefully, my seasonal reading will read me in the spirit, since it is one week until the BIG BIG DAY!

I love this week, even though it is often a nightmarish mix of stress and screaming. I will spend hours finding gifts I've hidden away in special locations. I will make lists upon lists and try to power through them all. I'll clean my kitchen floor 17 times. But, we are all in this together, right?

Everyone is racing to the finish line and we all will get there, one way or another, missing bits of ourselves and with tape and tinsel stuck to our bodies. Then, we will unwrap everything, toast 2023(!) and press the reset button only to begin again. 

As you can imagine, I am not one of those people who finished Christmas shopping in October and I certainly haven't wrapped a thing. My traditional Christmas prep goes up until the wire; I'll be baking cookies moments before we leave for Christmas Eve church and wrapping until almost dawn. I don't know why I am like this; but I am. I just cannot live in advance at all. I am sure this is very irritating to people around me; but I like to think my ability to do things under pressure makes me sort of a live in the moment person. 

For tonight, I've got big plans to think about my giant to-do list and of course, start a new book after I watch a Christmas movie. 

Merry (almost!) Christmas!