Merry Christmas!! (Day 358, Year 2)

Well, friends, in just a few minutes it will be officially Christmas Day in New Jersey. 

I love Christmas. It is really the one day a year that everything seems to pause, except for parents, of course. But, we get to pause, too. In our house, it's all the unwrapping and then pajamas for most of the day. I remember the first year my mom spent the entirity of Christmas Day with us. She was geniuinely shocked we enjoyed Prime Rib in PJs, 

Frankly, I think prime rib tastes better when I am wearing my Christmas Jammies. 

I have so many lovely memories of Christmas--late nights on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts with my Dad and waking up so early that the sun wasn't up just to get my presents. We had a rule in my house, I was allowed to the living room fire place to get my stocking and I could open anytime after 6am. I had to wait for the rest of the house to tear through all my gifts around the tree in the rec room. 

I remember one Christmas that mom cleaned out some stuffed animals from my Nana's house and then surrounded the tree with all these magical stuffed animals! There was a pair of vintage raggedy Anne and Andy dolls that were incredible. I remember thinking that my Mom's childhood Christmases were merging with mine--like for a split magical second time did not matter and I got to be with my mom when she was a girl at Christmas. 

What's more magical than time travel to the mysterious time before you were you?

I hope my children get to feel this magic each Christmas, too, Mike and I tell them stories and memories and then we make our own traditions--no one downstairs before us, we take turns opening gifts, stocking last and naps immediately following the pandemodium. 

I think the pause of Christmas is what gives us the magic and the ability to almost touch all those Christmases that have come before us.