I don't know what to write, again. (Day 343, Year 2)

 Well friends, today I wore sensible shoes; but I did not have a sensible day. This is because I am the very opposite of sensible and have no sense of time or space.  

As a result, I am very tired. 

And I have no idea what to write! I wrote and deleted about 12 different things. One was about the insanity of Christmas decorating. Another was about my lovely children. I forget the other 10; but I don't think you are missing out on anything. 

UGH, I don't even know what to write next. It doesn't help that my children keep distracting me. They've been exchanged tiny gifts every single day--all three of them--and it is so sweet to hear them thank one another. They mange this gift exchange all on their own. The girls use their babysitting and pet sitting money. Nicholas, of course, is unemployed, so he steals from my wallet to finance his pollyanna. 

It is all very heart warming.

Now, there are several last minute needs like ugly Christmas sweaters for dawn tomorrow and emails to directors and teachers about our December travel that conflicts with practices for things. I cannot even keep a solid line of thinking and the words are ping ponging all around. 

It's all very exhausting. So, I think, I might lean into the need for rest and actually just warm up this hot mess of a missive. 

Until tomorrow, friends!