Feels Like Temperature (Day 357, Year 2)

Christmas Eve morning, which is really today and not tomorrow, I plan to run out super early for some last minute errands. I have to go early because I need to go to the full size Target that is not in my town and only has one way in and one way out. You can be stuck getting out for an hour and who has an extra hour on Christmas Eve? 

Not this lady! 

The problem with all this early bird gets the stocking stuffers stuff is that it 9 degrees outside and the feels like temperature is somewhere between -17 and something incomprehensible.

The feels like temperature is the one that always gets me--like if 9 degrees felt more like 40 degrees, would 9 degrees not be a big deal? What if it just felt like 9 degrees? Would that be something better than -17? Would I even be able to tell the difference?

I mean we all know that 66 degrees in air conditioning in August is refreshing and 66 degrees in heat in December is freezing. 

Okay, I know, some of you find 66 degrees to be balmy in December. But I am not that person. 

It seems that what something feels like is much more important than what it is in reality, right? Like tomorrow, with the last minute errands, always feels sort of fun to me. I love being part of the last minute rush and buzzing around. In reality, it is exhausting; I'll probably get COVID from the Target and it is stressful to wait in endless lines of cars and people.

But, it doesn't feel like Christmas Eve without the rush.