Why just an hour? (Day 310, Year 2)

Well, friends, Daylight Savings Time, has ended. 

As a result, we were given back that hour that was taken from us in March. I guess the "Time" mid-level managers had enough of saving it for us and decided to give up. Or maybe they like want to work an hour less between now and March 2023, so they are like "Here, take it, you work an extra hour" and tossed it back to us and we caught the extra hour  reflexively, because it would be weird not to try to catch the thing tossed at us. And we don't want to be rude because that would make everything awkward.

For someone who got an extra hour of time, I am quite exhausted and overwhelmed and I've accomplished the bare minimum for a Sunday. One would think I would have been able to experience a nice, solid nap or like fold laundry instead of simply shifting the piles around? Maybe I'd be less cranky? 

But, alas, it is just like when Daylight Savings Time began in March. I am off-kilter, exhausted and unclear why it was dark at 3:30pm. WHO WANTS THE DARKNESS? Vampires? Mice? The Devil?

It is definitely no one good or like full of light. And, friends, it's really a lot to cope with. 

And why did they take the hour in the first place? And why do we only get one hour back? There should be reparations for the lost hour--like interest and payment for time (obviously) and suffering. We should get more hours.  We should get ALL THE HOURS? We should get an entire week or two of hours? What I could do with an entire week or two of all the hours! I could really change the world and nap a lot and shift through so much laundry without folding, that I'd build up my core strength just through repetitive laundry rooting. 

Also who took the hour? Who gave it back? Where did it go when it was taken and really, where the heck did it go when it was returned? Because, there are not enough hours in the day.  . . .right?

Well, it is obvious now that I did not use that extra hour to write, because with that last complaint, I am off to sleep for several hours less than recommended by doctors. 

Happy end of Daylight Savings Time, friends! Enjoy the dark nights and early morning and searching for that hour they say they gave back. I cannot find it anywhere.