Wear a hat (Day 316, Year 2)

Friends, I did not dress for the weather today. I dressed for November 2022 in NJ (which is like Florida 1995), however, I went to Pennsylvania and it is like cool April here, complete with random rain pelting at my person.

I did, oddly, have a hat in my bag (I snagged it at a conference and never removed it from my bag). I thought I’d be in the clear, weather wardrobe-wise, with the hat because my mother always told me, all your heat escapes from your head.

Friends, this is simply not true. My heat is escaping from my ankles and my knees and my nose and my hands and my elbows. It is escaping from my eyes. 

But, never mind my hyperthermia. None of the heat escaping stopped me from going on the Swings during the rain or drinking a cold Troegs on a park bench with my husband and chatting about our kids or watching my three—who fight sometimes like inmates in opposing gangs—laugh and race from ride to ride together. 

I think the real truth about keeping warm has to do with being around the people you love. Heat escapes through disconnections; heat stays when you keep those you love close.

And these kids of mine, they are always under foot and this is just how I love it. They keep me warm. 

I mean my North Face would be nice, but you know what I mean.