This blog is not as long as a marathon (Day 324, Year 2)

Today we went to cheer for cousin Shelley in the Philadelphia Marathon. I know cousin Shelley sounds very old time-y. In fact, it reminds me of being in Pride and Prejudice or something. "Cousin Shelley" is really my husband's cousin's wife. I realize now that I could have just started by saying "My husband's cousin was in town so his wife could run the Philadelphia Marathon and we went to cheer." However, it's too late now, so here we are with "Cousin Shelley."

(Like Matthew Perry, I do not have any editor to control me. So you get what you get.)

Anyway, it was so amazing! Shelley is so amazing! I am so proud of her. A marathon is a very long run--I know you all know that--but I think it is worth it to remind everyone that IT IS A VERY LONG RUN. Also, today was very cold and windy and Canada-like. But Shelley did it! And she looked amazing. It was such a joy to see someone we love doing something they worked really hard to accomplish. It is like getting a window into their hearts and souls and seeing all the love they have for themselves. 

I think when we work hard at something and set our minds to accomplishing something, we are only successful when we do it out of love. We might do something for someone else out of the love for them. But, we can also do things for ourselves out of love for ourselves. Either way, witnessing love is inspirational and contagious. 

Just before Shelley ran by, two other runners paused to hug their family members. Everyone was crying and hooting and hollering and I started to cry over these strangers and their beautiful love for one another! 

My middle daughter gave me a dirty look that said "Mother, please stop cry over strangers." So I stopped, until a few minutes ago and started crying again thinking of them. 

It feels so good to be happy for other people--those we know and love and also those we don't know at all. I know this can be hard sometimes when it feels like people are undeserving of an honor or accomplishment or when we are struggling and feel like everyone else isn't it. I get it. BUT, like I always tell my kids when they complain about "So-and-so" and "so-and-so," the beautiful things in other people's lives do not make our lives less beautiful.

They never listen to that, so then I tell them to shut up and fake it or I'll take away their cell phones. 

Anyway, watching Shelley today did not inspire me to run a marathon or a 5K or even take a brisk walk. But, it does inspire me to keep working towards my goals and trying to live my best, authentic life--doing all things out of love. 

We are so proud of Shelley and so blessed we got to witness her incredible, long, windy run!