The talkers (Day 323, Year 2)

If you ever want good conversation about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, I can recommend a lovely dinner table in Haddon Township, NJ that is populated by three very eager talkers. 

They will literally talk your ear off. Half the things they say will be untrue. The other half are absolutely true. You won't be able to discern what is true and what isn't because these talkers have seen some things. 

Sometimes, you might wonder if they are starved for attention or don't get out much. But, never fear, the talkers are constantly getting attention and they go all over the place. 

These talkers also take their show on the road. Sometimes, the road is vacation. Other times, the road is Costco. They will talk to anyone who makes eye contact or says hello. So, if you don't want to listen and you don't want to answer any hard questions about your childhood or your driving route to work, pretend you don't see them.

Once they realize you see them, they will know you can hear them and then, friends, you are in it for a good 3 hours of your life and your noise level warning will go off on your Apple watch. 

The talkers are my children. Nothing can stop them--not adolescence, not shyness, not their mother saying "PLEASE LET OTHER PEOPLE TALK." They just talk. And talk. And talk. And, did I mention talk?

And I am not complaining. They are pretty awesome. Each of them can strike up a conversation with anyone. They've told their life stories to people in several countries and every big box store and small business in a 10 mile radius. They have personal friends at nail salons and bakeries. They've never met a stranger that they cannot convert into a friend. 

Sometimes, I worry they don't listen. But, they are actually quite good at listening, especially because they have to listen for pauses long enough to talk again. 

Conversation is a skill, friends, and while we haven't successfully taught my children to fold laundry, somehow, we've taught them to talk, about everything.