Thankful for all that. (Day 327, Year 2)

As I was ironing my turkey napkins tonight, I realized how thankful I was to have the time to iron my turkey napkins.

I know this sounds like a silly, ridiculous thing that throws back to 1955.  However, I cannot stand a wrinkled cloth napkin, and really who does?  If that is the option, then just bring the roll of toilet paper to the table. At least the toilet paper isn't all bunched up and in a state of despair and disarray. 

Little luxuries are important, friends. I know it is a privilege to have time to iron my napkins and a privilege to have napkins to iron--that is why I am so thankful for the time to do it. I love the tradition of my turkey napkins each Thanksgiving. Someday, my kids will fight over those napkins and the matching napkin rings--not because they love napkins, but because they will remember their fresh pressed thematic napkins at every holiday hosted at our home and they will feel all those childhood memories in that simple, piece of (hopefully pressed and ironed!) cloth.

And since I had the time to iron them tonight, it means that my children will have a little thing to remind them of Thanksgiving on Eldridge. 

I am also so thankful for each of them helping in the kitchen. Lily always has something new she wants to make--chai pudding and a crazy 12-step sweet potato casserole and mini pumpkin pies cut from larger pumpkin pies. Chloe has her traditional dishes--egg bites for breakfast, the green bean casserole (she never eats, since she does not like green beans) and the meat and cheese arranged in the shape of a Turkey. Nicholas is my stuffing sous chef and a pro at cubing bread. The girls made the homemade cranberry sauce together and as they fight over portions and methods, I can see them remembering that every year, since they both could stand, they made the cranberry sauce.

I am thankful they have to the time to help, too. I hope they are always able to make that time for each other and for our family. I think they will be--one way or another--even if it is to fight over those cloth napkins.