Stuck .(Day 314, Year 2)

It's been a rough couple of days. There was the hurricane evacuation, which was a truly surreal and a lot to manage. Mike had work to finish, leaving me to wrangle the kids and pack us up. The kids were annoyed at ending their time at the beach early--but I did not want to scare them--so it was a balance between conveying the seriousness of the situation and also keeping things light and adventurous. 

We definitely made lemonade of it all. However, I find even when you try to move forward in a positive, "everything is great!" way, there is still some residual issues to deal with after the fact. For me, as Trish the Mom, it is the adrenaline drop after the excitement of escaping to Savannah and rushing around to see and do as much as we could. Today, I woke up feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

I also had a contact stuck in my eye. It is still stuck. It is horrible. And I could just scream (and have, several times) about it. Will I really never get it out? Will I really end up at the optometrist to ask for its removal? Will a horrible infection take hold overnight? I truly expect the answer to be yes to all three of these questions.

On the flight home, I was in the very last row of a very small plane next to the bathroom. It was horrendous. But we lived and landed, so I guess that's good.

When we got home today, I decided to take some time to purge my closet. I stumbled upon memory clothing--items I've worn at specific moments in my life. Most of it was funeral or death bed clothes (I KNOW SO UPLIFTING!) that I will never wear again and yet can never get rid of. So the closet clean out was super fun. 

Then there was a horrible argument with my husband. I don't ever write about arguments with my husband. I feel like that is private marriage business between us. So I am not going to write anything specific; but just that marriage is really hard. Being 45 is hard. Being all the things is hard. Today was hard. 

Hopefully tomorrow my contact lens will be unstuck and I'll be unstuck, too.