SHHHHHH!!! (Day 330, Year 2)

Ideas for things to write pop in my head at all sorts of random times. Before my iPhone, I used to have a pen handy to jot things down as I thought of them on whatever scrap of paper was around. Now, I have my iPhone and type whatever comes up in my Notes. When these ideas pop up, they feel like secret keys to a treasure. It's like I just know those are the words I had been looking for and since I finally found them, I cannot let them go. 

Today, some thoughts about a secret writing project I am working on popped into my head at the Temple Football game. No sooner did I start typing my thoughts, that my middle child needed to tell me something. I had to SHHHHHHHHHH! her. 

She was absolutely horrified and continued to try to speak over my loud SHHHHHHHHHHH!. Then I looked behind me and the family sitting there was absolutely horrified at ME!

If they only knew I was a writer and my kids are talkers, then they'd understand the SHHHHHHHHHH! is the only reason we are surviving and I earn a paycheck. 

Instead, they definitely thought I was sending a text message with emojis to a friend (which for the record is something I can do while carrying on a focused conversation and with people screaming all around me).

I am always tossing SHHHHHHH! at my family and they are always growing annoyed by me. And I do get it, but writing is hard. I know some think it is like this easy thing or something anyone can do. But, it isn't. My head is filled with all sorts of words at all times and when I am struggling through a project (like my super secret writing project) I don't sleep well. I don't even write well. I just spend my mental energy searching for the words that will unlock the treasure that is my writing project. When I find those words, I need everyone to literally not ASK ME THINGS OR TELL ME THINGS IN THAT VERY MOMENT.

Of course, my kids always have something and I feel a little bad SHHHHHHH-ing them. 

But, then I try to explain what I am doing and they ignore me, so I feel we are even.