Monday is like. . .(Day 325, Year 2)

I have nothing to write today, since it is Monday and I am exhausted just because of the shock of Monday. Mondays are what I imagine it is like to be ripped from the womb and whisked off to the nursery without even a quick hello to the person who gave birth to you. Sunday was so comfortable and then, suddenly, you are in an entirely different planet: Monday. 

I would like to note that I can only imagine what's like to be born because I don't remember my own birth; not because my own birth did not happen and I am some sort of alien or divine being dropped from the heavens. But, if I was a divine being dropped from the heavens I think that would be the same sort of feeling Monday gives--you were once in heaven and then you are unceremoniously dropped onto earth, where work and effort is expected. 

Freaking Monday! 

And I know, I know, "at least it is a short week," which everyone keeps saying to me today when they hear me audibly roll my eyes or sigh with reckless abandon. And yes, Thursday and Friday are holidays and I won't be expected on any conference calls or video sessions; but since it is a "short week," everything is crammed into 3 days instead of 5 and honestly, that is like an overpacked suitcase--the kind you see coming out of the trapdoor at baggage claim all wrapped in plastic wrap with little bits of clothing mushed between the plastic wrap and the suitcase, as if the bag just keeps expanding uncontrollably. 

Short weeks are that overstuffed, exploded, wrapped in industrial plastic wrap suitcase. 

I am that overstuffed, exploded, wrapped in industrial plastic wrap suitcase! I desperately need to be unpacked and I will, it will just take a little time, a lot of caffeine and of course, some optimism. 

Since, I've been here before, obviously,  I know, somehow, one way or another everything will get done and then I'll be sipping Thanksgiving Sangria, basting a turkey in butter and watching my children perform a puppet show about turkeys who argue over everything and have domestics. They've been putting on a variation of this show since 2011. 

It is my favorite performance on earth and I always demand a front row seat. 

For now, I shall return to my work (the stuff that pays) and look forward to Thursday, when this short week is like, well, over.