Late Evening Naps (Day 311, Year 2)

Friends, I just woke up from a very delightful late evening nap. I know many people consider napping in the late evening as going to bed. However, this was definitely just a nap because I was fully clothed and eyelined. Then, I woke up and did things, like tracked a hurricane and removed the eyeliner. 

Waking up in your make-up is very 1990s Courtney Love.

Anyway, the nap was great and now I am ready to settle into actual sleep. I was so exhausted. I don't think I've gotten more than 5 hours of sleep in several days. First was a busy work week, then Girl Scout camp and then we left at dawn today for Florida. It was the perfect escape after an intense, sleepless time. Today was spent getting situated and pooling and avoiding the people my husband is connected to on LinkedIn. (He's here to work. We are here to be here.) 

I mean, I know, I know, you should never admit to avoiding people, because then they know and might have hurt feelings. I will do my best to make sure my husband does not share this entry with his LinkedIn network, so we should be in the clear!

I think I've gotten off course, like that Hurricane we are tracking. About 2 hours ago, when I had just settled into my late evening nap, every phone was buzzing and beeping and alerting with a storm surge warning. Luckily, Mike handled and calmed the children down, so I could keep napping.

Of course, he's now complained about this and asked me how long I was out for. He's just jealous. 

I know at this point, you might be wondering what I learned about the hurricane that might be barreling nearish my resort in any number of days. I learned nothing. I learned that I am on a vacation and we are not going to talk about the hurricane. 

Everything will be great! I could always take a late evening nap and sleep right through the hurricane force winds and storm surge. What I cannot sleep through is my husband playing with his Apple watch and having it make alarm noises. 

I mean, it's BEDTIME! 

And with that, I am off to my real sleep and mental preparation for everything that tomorrow will bring. I've got a little work to sneak in while my children enjoy the ocean views and have arguments about the color of the ocean. We've got some big plans to explore the Sunken Forest, hunt for shark teeth, eat a big breakfast and avoid talking about hurricanes.