Highlights from the week. (Day 315, Year 2)

Well, it's been quite a week. From fancy oceanside resorts to adventures on Segways to escaping a hurricane to ghost touring in Savannah to a back row flights to waking up today with an eye situation, this week had a little bit of everything and more. I cannot settle on one highlight from this week, a week that illicit responses from friends like, "Only you" and "Of course" and "WTF," so I've rounded up highlights in a very early 2000s listical format that I hear search engines like. . . that is if anyone is searching for "futuristic transportation and corneal abrasion." 

Without further adieu, here are the highlights from my week:

1. Hurricane Injuries

Well, friends, I'll start with the most intriguing piece of my week: my hurricane injury. You see, my contact lens covered eyes became very dry in the the hurricane force winds and somehow, a lens became stuck. Then it became unstuck, but left behind a few corneal abrasions and an eye infection and a pocket of inflammation beneath my eye. That pocket is definitely filled with infectious disease. The good news: I feel like I have sand in my eye, which utlimately reminds me of the beach, so it's like being back on Amelia Island. 

2. Futuristic Transportation

On Tuesday, before the hurricane evacuation, I took my kids on a nature tour of Amelia Island on Segways. Lily was really nervous--the tour operators were awesome and let her try out the Segway in advance. Nicholas was not awesome and kept trying to ditch us, shouting "You can't catch me," Luckily, Pedro was very fast on his feet (Segway) and could indeed catch him. 

We did, briefly, hold up golf cart traffic and we were spotted by my husband's work colleagues. I am pretty sure we will not be invited back or maybe we will be honored guests. . . .it could go either way. 

3. Evacuating. 

I've written about this all a few times now and I am still not over it! Neither are my children because they tell everyone they see that they are evacuees. Nicholas has an entire slideshow of outtakes from the hurricane. It was very very windy and the ocean did seem like it wanted to swallow everyone up. And of course, there is the eye injury situation (see idea 1). 

4. Peach Mint Julips

I don't think I mentioned the Peach Mint Julips that I had at Lady and Sons in Savannah, probably because I had two of these and forgot where I was. These are the best Julips I've ever had and I wish to drink these exclusively. I just have to figure out how to make them. 

5. New Traditions. 

The kids and I had a free night tonight and instead of our usual arguing over what movie to watch and ordering pizza; we started a new tradition! The kids each made an appetizer and we snacked and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. It was a lovely night together and my 16 year old even thanked me for making it fun. It doesn't get any better than that!

Well, I am off to drain my eye and drink wine, which I will be wishing was a peach mint julip.