Friday, Friday (Day 322, Year 2)

Friends, I am beat this Friday. This week has done me in. I have so many things I want to write--there has been so much this week! But, I just cannot put together the words to do it all justice. Part of this inability to put things into words is the result of  the rather large meal I consumed at my most favorite restaurant Zeppoli. I always get the same thing: Antipasto, Spaghetti Vongole, Sicilian Fisherman Stew, Espresso and Chocolate Chili Gelato. It is so freaky good and absolutely the best food in all of New Jersey.

You can challenge me if you want; but you'll be wrong. 

Anyway, I am full and just sort of done for the week. I am not done in a negative way, like "I'm done!" I am done in a positive way, like "I did it!" 

I did a lot this week. I painted and renovated. I cleaned for the cleaners twice. I celebrated my mother's birthday. I wrote things. I navigated all the children and their complicated needs. I felt like I did nothing nearly everyday--isn't that always the way?--but really I did plenty. And now it is Friday and I did it! And friends, you did it, too! 

We really all deserve a parade! 

I remember Fridays as a kid. It was like this huge sigh of relief that the week was over and no one would be asking for things and I would not have to get up at dawn to catch the bus and I'd be able to have a lovely breakfast of pancakes and maybe read a few chapters of my book. I still feel exactly the same. 

I also used to spend Friday nights with my girlfriends--a sleepover or the movies and Perkins or Friendly's. Then I got this ridiculous, super hot boyfriend and I'd spend every possible night with him. I still spend every night I can with him--since I married him and all. Regardless of who I spent my Friday with, I always would change from my school week attire and into my Friday clothes. Everything felt a little more fun on a Friday. 

In the 1990s--it was a cute vest or body suit with my Calvin Jeans and Doc Martens. In the 2020s (INSANE!), it is sequins and cashmere. Of course, there was always red lipstick and black eyeliner in the 90s and 20s. I cannot experience a Friday without those. 

Anyway, my super hot boyfriend (husband) is almost finished putting our three children (how the heck did this happen) to bed. And then it is time for TV and the Costco recliner. We are currently watching the White Lotus on HBO and it is so funny--a total must-watch! 

Happy Friday, Friday!