For the love of a Hallmark Movie (Day 329, Year 2)

As I predicted, I spent today exercising! I exercised my ability to nap on the couch; falling asleep during England vs US when the score continued and ended as 0-0, waking to shout strange things I shout at my son's games like: "IT'S YOUR BALL" and "OH NO" and "OH! THEY ARE SO SWEET!" and "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DO YOU WANT TO LOSE?" and, then, "I AM SORRY YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! I AM SO PROUD!"

Then I bought things online and was forced to go to Target, where I purchased English muffins and sausage (very Black Friday!) while my girls tossed items in the cart and made me pay for them. As a result, my English muffins and sausage retailed for $192.37.

And that's it! Well, we also put up our primary Christmas tree and my husband found a way to make my Granddad's train from the 1960's work and then we went to Hibachi and saw someone carving an ice sculpture in town. 

When, I think about it, it was all very exciting and Hallmark-y! 

Speaking of which, we watched the brand-new "A Royal Corgi Christmas" tonight and I have to say, it was marvelous! I love Hallmark Christmas movies. I love watching them with my family. 

My Father-in-Law is the OG of Hallmark Christmas movies and very serious about the plot. In fact, when the movie began and we were all bantering nonsensically about nothing, he said, in a very big, slightly scary voice: "Are we watching this movie or talking?"

I know those words sound benign, but trust me, they were terrifying and we realized that we need to zip it because Hallmark movies are VERY IMPORTANT!. 

Lily smiles the entire time and is totally besotted with the resolution to the love story which was hanging in the balance after a very big misunderstanding! Her smile is the best thing in the world and I love how much my sweet girl LOVES LOVE!

Chloe is very much invested in the watching every Hallmark movie and definitely has a secret list she is checking off. It is important to her to have seen them all and to track them all! 

Nicholas is there for the one-liners, like when a character said: "I did not move to New York to fall in love," he said: "WELL, THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS LADY."

I mean, he isn't wrong! 

But, what I love most, is having a full house and a full Costco (sponsor me ALREADY!!) recliner couch of people I love, watching delightful Hallmark movies and loving love, each in our own ways. (Bonus love for my FIL and MIL who snuggled up in the cutest way possible).