Black Friday (Day 328, Year 2)

Friends, I am stuffed. Like beyond full. I am on a medication that makes feasting a challenge (I get full quickly); but I love a challenge and ate right through that full feeling. This the best part of Thanksgiving and why each year, on Black Friday, I resolve to exercise. 

I most likely will exercise by carrying up Christmas decorations. I'll get a really good ab workout  using my core stabilizer muscles to try to avoid losing my balance going up and down the stairs. And I will absolutely exercise my voice by yelling at my children when they: disappear (Lily), boss me around (Chloe) , pretend to help, but really just make a mess (Nicholas). I'll also exercise my consumerism and get some Black Friday shopping in and I will definitely visit one big box store and pretend to fight over sale items with my children, in some sort of pop-up theatrical demonstration that will disturb onlookers and hopefully make them talk poorly about us to their loved ones! 

Black Friday is a day of fitness, when you really think about it. 

I love Black Friday for all these fitness reasons listed above and also because it is a day when little is expected of me in the world. I used to, back when my girls were little, use Black Friday to head out to the stores and shop for all the deals. It was so much fun. Then they grew up and I got old and now, I cannot pull an all-nighter in the meat department of Walmart waiting for a TV deal to start. 

There are no events on my calendar. I don't have any conference calls. There isn't a special, traditional meal to plan--there are leftovers to eat and take out menus to peruse if leftovers aren't your thing. It's a wonderful day of whatever I want, which at 11:30pm on Thanksgiving is a long lie-in. 

So, with that, I am keeping tonights Yoke, short and sweet-adjacent. I love you all for reading the words I churn out everyday. I am so grateful to be able to take up this space with words and laughs and real things. 

Happy Thanksgiving!