Reviving (Day 282, Year 2)

We have a brand-new pastor at our church. Today, he asked the congregation if we were sang a certain Bible song at a revival. He asked so genuinely and as if we would know what in the world he was speaking about. Alas, I had no idea. I had to Google Revival. 

I honestly did not know what it was. I had an image of people singing Bible songs and then raising up their hands and having prayer circles and maybe there was crying and there was definitely the laying on of hands. My husband suggested that if it included beer and barbecue, it would be fun. 

I found no evidence of his suggestion, in case you are wondering. 

I did find that a revival is an event in which Christians gather to be inspired to spread the word of the Lord and, of course, gain new members in the faith. It is not specifically mention crying or raised hands; but I see no way these things are not happening. 

I am not looking for reviving, except if it is with coffee (or beer and barbecue, evidently). Maybe some people are into revivals. But, I have not knowingly met these people. 

But, just because you are not looking for reviving, doesn't mean you don't need it, you know? 

I've been lazy with my faith and in turn, lazy with my kids faith. We don't pray enough together. We rarely say blessing. I make sure my kids sing in the church choir; but I don't think I've ever specifically said to them that singing in the church choir is a way of praising the Lord. We go to church when we can--but, truly, the world outside of church comes first. If there is a game; we don't go to church. If there is a scheduled event or a weekend mini-break, we don't go to church. In theory this is okay--you can worship and repent anywhere, anytime. But, the thing is, if we miss church, I am not necessarily doing either of these things.

But, when we go to church, the structure automatically connects me and friends, revives me a bit in my faith. 

The biggest evidence is my Sunday Yokes on the days I've been churched, I write about my faith. On the days I haven't been, I write about some other nonsense. For me, the writer, writing about my faith is a form of worship and communion with God. I take writing about God seriously;  praying as I go that what I write in true in God's eyes and not, you know, an unholy mess of nonsense and evil. 

I believe God knows my heart and I believe He gifted me with my words; so I certainly don't want to squander that gift especially when it comes to praising Him. But, so often, I miss opportunities to connect with God. Like I said, I am lazy. 

And, well, I need reviving. 


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