It's Fall, Y'all! (Day 275, Year 2)

Before I begin with the topic of this blog (Fall), I'd like to briefly lament on the popular use of "Y'all." I feel like the internet and social media has made us all "sometimes Southern."

Right, y'all?

I am NOT Southern. Although, I sometimes pretend to be when I grow okra or make fried chicken or dress up for college football games in fancy earrings or wear lipstick daily or act all haughty about attending church (intermittedly). 

I am also pretending today when I announce to y'all that it is Fall, y'all! 

Exciting right? And about time! I hate the transitional month of September. It stinks for summer to end so abruptly and be forced back to reality and being forced to accept that swimming in the pool is not the same as bathing. The September sun is bright and hot and annoying. School is a nightmare, right? And all the back-to-it meetings and schedules and insanity are like reoccuring nightmares. And then, of course, I have all my personal anniversaries of death and trauma in September that haunt me each year, despite my mediocre efforts to be graceful and unaware of the past. 

On October 1, I wake up and realize it is not September. But, then I cannot quite believe it until it is today, October 2, which might be the best day of third quarter. It is always seasonal on October 2. Sometimes warmish seasonal and other times coldish seasonal; but you can always wear a flannel for part of the day on October 2! You can also break out your warm boots and high socks and get cozy in your pumpkin spice colored wardrobe. 

Seriously, it is the best! It is also Mike's birthday eve (Happy Birthday!). He is turning 44 tomorrow and is now officially older than me! I've been 43 for a while now! 

Anyway, my favorite things about Fall, besides pretending to be Southern, involve the gorgeous changing color palette of outside. Orange is my favorite color--summer orange is delicious--but Fall orange is just warm and cozy. It has tones of yellow and red and even some soothing pink that let's you know that this is the season in which you can find some peace and pumpkin spice and crisp, cleansing air. 

I also love candy corn, which is also orange. 

Happy October, Y'all!