From Scratch (Day 299, Year 2)

I am having a nothing to write night. I started a blog about privilege and my children and then deleted it all because it was so boring and whiny that I was ashamed I ever put those words on paper. I am not feeling particularly funny. I really just want to go switch the laundry, grab my pajamas, light a candle, have a glass of wine and continue watching From Scratch on Netflix. 

But, I cannot, because I want to also write here in Yoke. Which is all a bit contradictory because I have nothing to write tonight. However, I guess I am writing now, so I'll keep going, the best I can. The truth is while I have nothing to write tonight, I did have a few ideas of stories to write tomorrow and the next day. Not stories for Yoke, but stories to pitch and maybe find someone to publish for me and pay me for. I haven't had ideas like this in a while. 

There is nothing tonight, but there is something for tomorrow.

I am sort of excited. I so want to share the ideas I had today and a the same time I don't really want to, I think I want to keep them close and make them just mine for now, in case someone judges or steals my ideas. I actually don't think anyone will steal my ideas. But, I do think people with judge them and I am not strong enough to endure judgement this week.

So friends, I am not sharing my ideas, so go find someone else to judge! I am, however, sharing my preliminary thoughts on From Scratch on Netflix. If you haven't watched, there are totally spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk. 

We are five episodes in. I haven't read the book and I literally knew nothing about the series. But, from the first scene in the first episode, I knew the main male character was definitely dead. So, now we've been watching and waiting to see when he dies. I also guessed it was cancer--it seems like it is always cancer. Other than this depressing game of when will Lino die, I've been enjoying the limited series! 

It doesn't require much brain power to watch. It is sort of like a Hallmark movie with a touch of light pornography.  

The characters are sweet. However, Lino is a bit of a downer with all his problems. Not to mock a dead man, but he really has a lot of real big problems all the time. I would definitely NOT date him. (I mean, of course, I would not date anyone, I am married! But you know what I mean.) When Lino is diagnosed with his rare cancer, the fictional oncologists lacked bedside manner and were scripted to say lots of strange things, like the very hysterical, "BANK YOUR SPERM IMMEDIATELY." I mean this is a concern with the toxic side effects of chemotherapy; but I think the plan to save his life is more critical.

I have cried a couple times--especially over the female lead Amy's family bond which is depicted in such a beautiful way. The series shows the brokenness in her family--but the love in her family always seems to find a way around and through the broken. That part has been truly inspiring. 

We have a few episodes left and I feel like we are racing towards Lino's death. I did a little research on the memoir the series is based on and I think I will give it a read. I did this with "The Maid" and really enjoyed the series and the book, both for their similarities and differences. 

And with that friends, I am off to wrap it up, switch some laundry and get on with From Scratch.