Friday Wrap-Up (Day 287, Year 2)

Well, friends, this week was an emotional roller coaster. There was a day off on Monday (which seems like a month ago). There was my complete lack of sleep and total overwhelm breakdown. There was the recovery from it all. And then, last night, I slept like a man--sleeping through the dog's pre-dawn wake-up and a child's night wanderings into our bedroom.

It was glorious. 

Today, we had a very important meeting about our son. And while we haven't won the war for him, we did win a battle and I truly feel we are moving in the right direction. There is still more research to do and there is still more meetings to have and the work isn't done; but it's begun. Today, Lily also got confirmation she was rowing on Sunday in the Navy Day Regatta. She knew she was rowing; but it wasn't until she saw her name on the Heat Sheet that she believed it. 

It's been a long, hard, fight for Lily and crew. Lily is underestimated constantly. And she was sidelined for over a year on her old club team. It made all of us sick with disgust and disappointment for that year. But, Lily shoved that all aside. She worked so hard---showed so much determination--and with the support of incredible adults in her life (not us! but a wonderful woman named Brannon, who founded the BLJ Rowing Club in Philly), Lily remembered who she was:

And that's a rower and a fighter. 

On Sunday, if you need me, I'll be the woman screaming like a maniac while sobbing uncontrollably as if she is watching her baby girl in the Olympics. 

Related to crew, we hosted a pasta party tonight for some of Lily's teammates. Her new team is not affiliated with our small town--it is a regional team. This has been really awesome for her and for us. It is lovely to expand beyond our radius and meet other families. We still love our town; but everyone needs to cross a border once in a while and make some new friends. 

For now, I am going to go recline in my new Costco couch and maybe shop for some new Costco bedroom furniture. Happy Friday, friends. We made it!