Burying bodies and flamingos (Day 295, Year 2)

You might be asking yourself why is Trish wearing a "it's not a cowgirl hat and not an Indiana Jones hat but a paleontologist" hat? And if you zoom in and squint, you'll wonder why she is standing in front of a pink flamingo boat loaded with killer clowns?  But you really should wonder why my husband spent the afternoon burying bodies in the community garden? Or why he was dressed as butter and running across an intersection?

Friends, the answers are obvious! 

My neighborhood is haunted. 

JUST KIDDING! Maybe, but I did see a frail body shoved out of a window at the train station and there is a very, very old cemetery across the street from my house. And it is almost Halloween, so everything is haunted (and exhausting)!

Tonight we had our neighborhood Halloween party and Ghost Walk. Our neighborhood is old, with old houses and an old cemetery and a super, creepy old one room school house--so it is definitely a prime spot for a ghost walk. This year's experience included dolls tied to the old school house, killer clowns on a pink flamingo paddle boat on the lake, the body falling out of the window and a few nutty witches looking for their pet snake (which I'd like to borrow for my mouse hunting). 

It was all just so ridiculous and wonderful, which is exactly what Halloween should be, right? I love this season of witches and make believe and scares and too much candy and listening to my kids laugh with their friends and having a blast laughing with mine, too. Earlier today we had the Fall Festival at Nick's school.  Then, we had the Pumpkin Walk in Saddler's Woods, which was a delight and so magical to see carved pumpkins all a glow in the woods. 

The best part of all this Halloween fun is seeing all the people we know in town. It's so nice to run into a really good friend in the woods and get a much overdue hug. It is a joy to sit on the elementary school buddy bench and have several buddies stop by for a laugh. It is the greatest gift to laugh so hard with neighbors that I find myself unable to stand. 

This is Halloween season! There is still pumpkin picking and town parades and my traditional Halloween nachos with neighbors and trick or treating on the horizon. It is exhausting, so you know where I will be after all the haunting: on my Costco recliner couch.