Sunday Rundown (Day 268, Year 2)

Well, friends, we survived the weekend (almost, there are about 1,000 more things to do before Monday and none of those items are fun). Today was a quad-event day; field hockey, regatta, Girl Scouts and soccer. It took both of us, another parent, several volunteers and a firm faith that Waze had my back when traveling to someplace in the woods of South Jersey. 

Luckily, everything was up to snuff and I even fit in a Costco run. Now, my "homemade" meatloaf is baking and I am sitting on my couch trying to ignore the dire warning of one Girl Scout father about "20-30 ticks" on his child's legs. Frankly, his warning did not inspire me to do a thorough tick check; instead I am scared to look. 

I might take a couple of those antibiotics I hoarded before the 2020 COVID lockdown. 

I am also humming this disturbing song I learned:"Announcements, Announcements, Announcements, a horrible way to die," at the flag ceremony at Girl Scout camp today. It is a bit dark and I am not sure what it means or why this is a song or what the back story is; but I know there is a back story and clearly it involves a death (or murder? maybe it's a mystery!). 

Anyway, this week begins the end of September; which makes me eternally grateful. I really tried hard this year not to get wrapped up in death month; but alas, I was wrapped up, like always. October will bring in the deliciousness of Fall and Mike's birthday month and Halloween, which is absolutely my favorite. 

Here's my Sunday Rundown of three good things:

1. Busy Sundays Outside. 
Today was insane and truthfully, I was dreading all the activities. I have had two nights of horrible night's sleep with our dog (who wakes up to go to bathroom and frolic at 2 am with the spirits). But, today was such a joy--mostly outside at field hockey and then in the woods at Girl Scout camp. Nothing is better than fresh air and sunshine. The other three Adkins went to a regatta and soccer; enjoying the sunshine (and then the monsoon) too. 

2. Old Friends New to Girl Scouts
Chloe and I have been involved in our local troop since she was in third grade and all the parents are great! But, this year, some other girls joined and it just so happens their mothers are some of my favorite people. I love that I'll see these old friends at Girl Scout events! 

3. A Happy Home. 
Last week was bad, as I mentioned with minimal explanation. And even so, we have a happy home filled with chaos and Aldi candles and a dog who is old, but acts young and a cat who cuddles and some fish (hopefully who have been fed) and a rambling garden and my mother in the back apartment and our neighbors everywhere and of course, each other. Having each other is the best thing everyday.