Last Book of Summer (Day 247, Year 2)

I just finished what I think will be my last book of the summer: The Bodyguard by Katherine Center.

I read the book in a day, in between school shoe shopping, last minute pool time and cooking dinner, so there is a chance I could have a repeat "book in a day" performance tomorrow. However, it's highly unlikely. 

Anyway, back to my last book of the summer: The Bodyguard! Katherine Center was recommended to me by one of my most trusted book recommenders Megan. We have very similar reading tastes and she never steers me wrong! After she mentioned Center, I looked at my stack of books that I collected on Costco runs this summer and right on top was her newest book!

The book was so delightful and so funny--I laughed out loud so many times. I feel like I want to read it again, just to laugh. And I wish it would be a series on Netflix. The characters and situations were all so wonderful. There was real heart ache and real problems; but there was also the reality that laughter and ridiculousness and love do not cease to exist just because terrible things happen. 

It made me feel seen--which I know is a dramatic response to a rom-com book. However when I try to tell people about all the things Mike and I laughed about during Lily's cancer journey, they often look at me like a lunatic. I still laugh once a week when I think of the sweet Speech Therapist who would come in and immediately pinch her thumb and pointer finger together, to mimic a bird's beak and say "cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep," to Lily. Lily, who was quite verbal for a 14 month old who had suffered through brain tumor surgery and also social, would just look at her and blink.  The therapist would say, "that always works on other children." Yet, Lily remained stoic. As soon as the woman would leave, Lily would return to being herself and laughing and baby chatting. 

This went on for 4 weeks. 

We'd laugh at this poor woman who could not even get a smile; but kept trying with her low budget, fake bird play. 

Anyway, back to the book! Since summer is officially over tomorrow, I am trying to move away from books set in the summer time. It is part because I love to be seasonal and thematic and also because I am sad summer is over and I don't need a book to remind me how wonderful the beach is!  The Bodyguard is such a lovely non-beach, non-summer setting Rom-Com read that everyone must read it!! 

Also, since I last checked in, I also finished  The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston. This is another must read! This book is a real charmer and Poston just a beautiful job making you suspend reality, accept that ghosts are real and fall in love with her characters! I also read  The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell, the sequel to The Family Upstairs. I enjoyed this sequel; but this is definitely a book pairing you need to read in order because the sequel gives away much of the original book while also being super confusing if you haven't read the first. It also wasn't all that suspenseful; but it did keep me turning the pages! 

Next up will be another book by Katherine Center. I downloaded samples of them all. I am so excited to have another Rom-Com author to cozy up with as we accelerate into the Fall and leave summer behind. (I am not READY! Although, my children need to go to school and actually read something, themselves!) I also want to line up some thrillers for October to get in the Halloween mood! So send me your favorites!