Into the Woods (Day 273, Year 2)

As I titled this post, I realized I've had several "Into the Woods" posts in the nearly two years that I've been writing daily. I guess I like the woods and I guess I go into them on a regular basis. 

Note: I never imagined myself liking the woods. 

However, I am in the woods AGAIN! This time in Connecticut! We come to Connecticut nearly as often as I go to France. Although Connecticut is not really much like France, although there are loads of "Spirit" stores with wine inside, so really it is identical! (As identical as 4th cousins twice removed.)

Anyway, we are in Connecticut (it makes me proud every time I write Connecticut without misspelling it) because Lily has a reunion weekend at Camp Hole in the Wall. The first time she came up this summer, I was beside myself to leave her. This time, we left and the counselor chased us down because apparently you are not supposed to make your teenager jump out of a slowly moving vehicle. 

She did not mind, at all! Lily was glad to be rid of us. 

Lily really loves her camp friends. So, off the four of us went to Bear Cabin at the Charlie Brown Campground. I've never stayed at a campground before of this nature. Tomorrow there are crafts and tie dying and bingo. There are big groups of people with RVs having a very large bonfire together. We have a lovely cabin that is much like a tiny house with drawers in the stairs and a loft and bunk beds and a kitchen and fire place and several TVs. Much like at home, I have no idea how to turn the TV on and therefore will not. 

I guess that's good?

There is also a glorious porch that I cannot wait to sit on under blankets tomorrow morning with my coffee and kindle and watch the rain. 

Tonight: we made walking tacos, popped open some wine and have big pie iron and smores plans by the fire. Tomorrow: there will be no alarms set and we shall just see where campground life takes us. 

PS I also miss Lily so much that I am beside myself and hiding it with humor! Our campground is just 2.4 miles away from hers so tomorrow I'll make the family hike through the rain to spy on her in a creepy way. 


  1. sounds fantastic don’t get caught spying


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