Good Day. (Day 252, Year 2)

I had a really good day today. It is not that I typically have days that are the opposite of good (i.e. bad or bad adjacent); it is just that I had a day in which I felt totally like myself. There were plenty of challenges (I have three children) and plenty of stressors (I have lots of work). But despite all these external, difficult forces, today I felt like myself. 

You might wonder what that means to feel like "myself." Of course that answer is specific and unique to whomever is describing themselves. For me, I think being myself involves a combination of accomplishment and laughter and lipstick. To translate: I like getting things done, laughing and wearing lipstick.

And I hit the trifecta this Friday. 

I got crossed out things on my list. I laughed so much with good friends and colleagues. And I put on lipstick and had a lovely evening with lovely friends and my husband. 

Good days help me remember who I am and what is possible in this world. It's such a simple thing a good day--but such a big thing, right? A good day can set you up for the rest of our week or weekend or really, your life. When you know what your good day feels like--you can take that and use it as an anidote to a bad day (or a bad adjacent day). 

So, with that, I am going to end my good day and wish you all a good night!