App Trigger. (Day 262, Year 2)

Friends, this is our second full week of school and I feel like so much has already happened! There is now a king, because the queen is dead (maybe; according to my husband it could be a hoax and he wants to know the cause of death. "Old" is not enough). 

Neither of these facts affect me very much; but you know what does affect me: the cancellation of the Wegman's Scan and Go app. 

You may be still stuck on my husband's conspiracy theories about the Queen and want to know more. I am not going to tell you anymore about that (just go watch Fox News for all your conspiracy needs!). I am however going to dive into the Wegman's Scan and Go App. 

This was the MOST marvelous invention of all time. The App allows you to scan your groceries, as you place them in your shopping bags and then when you are finished, you can scan your App at a register and checkout in seconds. 

You don't need to unload on the belt, bag, and reload. 

I could get out of there in 30 minutes and spend $400. (I can also do this at Nordstrom. But new shoes do not feed a family!). 

Anyway, they cancelled the App because people were stealing. Someone always ruins everything! 

Today, on this second full Monday of the second full week of school, I had to go to Wegmans without the App. I remembered what I was getting into on the way; but we were out of milk and oreos (I mean salmon and kale) and I needed to get there! Others inside had no idea. In the produce department a younger toddler was wailing, beside herself, when the clerk told her mother "no more scan and go."

BABIES ARE CRYING! Where is the humanity?

I was there for hours, maybe days (Is it 2023?). It was very traumatic and  I had to wait in a line. In line, I had to place everything on the belt. Some items did not fit. The cashier talked me through it and kept saying "WELL DONE! What's your name? Oh, well WELL DONE Trish." She was very encouraging. I was probably not her first Scan and Go refugee! 

When I emerged, the outside looked unfamiliar because I had been gone for so long! I did find my car, because I had parked in croaked, in complete fashion (on purpose! This is a life hack!). 

Anyway, I guess this is my new life; which looks a lot like the old life, back before the app and before the shopping bag ban in NJ and maybe enough before Wegmans when I just had Shoprite or maybe before that when my mother would drag me to the Pathmark in Warminster that smelled like a slaughter house for generic soda (untenable!).