Watch me, see me (Day 241, Year 2)

My kids, even the two teenage girls, still always ask me to watch them to do tricks in the water or ride a wave in. Today, Chloe, was so excited for me to see her boogie board skills; Lily couldn't wait to show me the seaglass and tumbled rocks she found and Nicholas was over the moon excited that he was able to skim board for a few seconds longer than yesterday and that I got to see it happen. 

They don't want my photos or videos. They just want me to watch them and to see them. 

Isn't that what we all want?

I think watching my kids and seeing them for their truest selves is the biggest gift I will always be able to give my children, no matter how old they are. I remember their little days of baby Lily showing me how she could blow kisses and say "Good Girl" to get our dog Lexus to give her kisses on her sweet baby face or toddler Chloe showing me her "bedtime crown" and her collection of handbags (collected from my closet and my mother's and garage sales--her "old lady handbags") or little boy Nicholas with the creatures he caught in the bamboo forest (once a VOLE, which was horrifying, but he was so proud that he made an animal friend).  

They still want me to see them and it goes well beyond dance recitals and athletic endeavors; they just want me to see them in their everyday. All three often ask me, "Do you like my outfit Mama (Lily)/Mommeeeee (Chloe)/Mommy (Nicholas)?" And of course, I always do. They know how much I love a good outfit; and a good outfit is great when picked out and loved by the person wearing it. 

I hope they never stop asking me to watch them and see them. I am filled with such love and admiration when they ask--it is my sight that matters. That is the biggest gift they can give me: to allow me to watch them at their truest, bestest selves.