Triangulation (Day 223, Year 2)

Earlier this evening, I was at dinner with two friends, so we are a threesome. And you know what they say about threesomes:

1. Don’t do them, you will get monkey pox.

2. Someone is always left watching! 

3. And of course, three is the perfect number (except when monkey pox is involved of course!)

I am currently left watching them discuss some child named Charles? Dudley? Sam? who sounds like a delight! 

Anyway, when I was a kid, I would over hear my mother discuss “triangulation” endlessly on the phone. It was like she discussing “sex” or “cancer.” She’d always be in hushed tones and say things like “well, there were three girls here and you know how that goes!” And then she’d do something scandalous like smoke a cigarette! 

Yep, Priscilla smoked cigarettes straight through the 1980s. She’d steal them from my Dad after these situations of “triangulation.” 

As a very seasoned (and beaten down) mother of three, I can say that yes, sometimes three is not the perfect number. Two are always fighting and two are always whispering is the corner. It’s a madhouse and annoying and most amusement park rides are based on even numbers.

However, sometimes, it is a delight to watch. I adore the two women I am with tonight. I adore their unique bond that is sepearate from me. I love them and I love that we get to be together and I love how they are with each other because it is different than when they are with me. One accidentally broke her wine glass. The other one wanted me to take selfies with strangers. They are both yelling I am in the media. (I am not in the media!) They both make me laugh.

And whenever I want, I can shout something insane like: “let’s discuss the lady who feeds the geese and how that lady ate her placenta” and suddenly they will return to me and we will be a lovely triangle, because three is the perfect number.

But, of course, you know what they always say, the more the merrier--because, literally, as I wrote this, our fourth, wonderful friend showed up. She is the one who always wonders how we all became a group of friends and I refuse to answer her, because it is obviously because we are soul mates! And also, it is a delight to have a sober, smart friend arrive and sign paperwork, while asking “what am I signing?” and not receiving an answer from any of us, because who signs paperwork at a bar!?!

Friends, in any number, are the perfect number. (Love you Brooke, Kate and Melissa).