Teacher Assignment Day (Day 234, Year 2)

I am happy to announce that I know who will be guiding Nick's fourth grade experience (Mrs. Wagner, who also guided Chloe through the transition from kid to tween).

It was like Election Night all day today across the radius, as we all awaited for our child's class placement for the upcoming school year. Nothing was more frustrating than the last parents to report--akin to those rural counties with polls that stay open seemingly forever. There are still some moms who haven't reported because they are on vacation (poor planning! Am I right?). Although some high achieving moms are sending grandparents over to check their mail (I find this impressive!). 

For those not reporting, I've started making guesses on their child's placement based on a complicated, disorganized, illogical set of criteria I created inbetween doing serious professional work today! 

In addition to my class list prediction process, other sources, including one mom who is constantly passing through breaking news from the boy front (thanks Courtney!). As well as,  no less than 1,000 text messages and insider intel from a variety of "girl mom," "boy mom," "soccer kid," "neighborhood mom," and "gossiping mom" group text conversations. For the record, I participate in the group texts that center around gossip and boys because my 4th grade teacher did not transition me well into the tween years, which in turn left me like I am now. 

As a result I have a general class list developed and I an anxious to see how correct I am with the end results! No matter the accuracy, I will absoutely buy myself a present for my hardwork on this very important matter.

Some of us are very happy about our placements and of course, there are always those who are disappointed. Nicholas is always content with his class placement because he is Nicholas and speaks to everyone. He is excited about a new batch of kids to have some one-on-one time with, so he can interview them about their life and practice for his future as a talk show host or interrogator (He's relentless and gets intel almost as well as I do!)  This year, he's also with some buddies he hasn't been with his kindergarten and with his very first and bestest pal Jerry. (Jackie and I gave birth to our Bubbies two days apart, gave them the same nickname and then became BFFs at Presby Preschool).  Of course, some friends are in the other class, which is a bummer. But it seems the classes will be able to socialize and interact like they did in 2019, without restriction or the madness of contact tracing. 

Although, I did sort of enjoy contact tracing. I had an entire illogical set of criteria for that as well! I am sure there will be some other scandal I can busy myself with! 

For me, of course,  I want a solid core of moms to talk with ( and complain to, gossip with/about, demand class party money from.) Since our town is literally so small that I know just about every 4th grader at Van Sciver, I always get this solid core of moms! Everyone is the best! 

Just two weeks to go and the boy will be off to 4th grade and I'll see if I hit bingo with my class list .