Miss You Monday (Day 227, Year 2)

For the past few weeks, I've been getting a email from our elementary school principal with the same subject line:

Miss You Monday!

Inside there are all sorts of enrichment activities and somethings we will never do. 

A few things:

1. I don't miss the principal; but he is a delightful man so it is nice he misses us all. 

2. I don't miss school; even though it is a lovely place, most of the other parents cannot handle pick up and drop off and need Lenny's Driving School. 

3. You should not use the same email subject line over and over again! It is a BAD email marketing practice.

Okay, the third thing was just to be a bit prickly and snotty because I hate summer ending. (I will not apologize for thing two, because we all know it is the truth!). 

I hate summer ending even though my children drive me bonkers and I have secret fantasies of entire days writing and working and doing calls without the horrific sounds of children fighting in the distance. I hate it even though I love pumpkin spice lattes and flannel shirts. 

I hate it because it means I have to give up control again to the school and sports and schedules and demands. It is bad enough my children have individual social lives that transcend all seasons; but we muddle through it and curve out time for our family adventures, as we always have. Once the school year begins, the biggest adventure we will have is enjoying dinner at 9:30pm. 

It all drives me nuts! The biggest benefit of becoming an adult is having some level of control of your days and when you do things like use the toilet without needing a bathroom pass; only then you go and have children and suddenly, you are under the same sort of control, yet again, both of school and of your children (who are tyrants, even when they are angels). 

However, summer, summer friends is a reprieve from all that control. Yes: there are camps and practices and requirements that still exist; however there are days and days of none of that and all of the things that make summer great: like today, rushing to work all morning, to race to do errands, only to land at a local Lake for an afternoon of swimming and laughing and paddle boating and playgrounding and ice creaming, together. 

I will miss this Monday once September arrives. 

For now, I shall simply delete all school correspondence (they send copies to Mike and he is much more responsible).