Friday Wrap-Up (Day 217, Year 2)

Well, friends, this week has been everywhere and nowhere. It is the first week in a month that we haven't been traveling, so I actually remembered how to cook dinner. 

We celebrated the end of swim season with the swim banquet (and a Most Improved award for Chloe!). I had a very good doctor's appointment.  Mike and I celebrated our 19th anniversary at Buddakan in the city. I finished a giant presentation for a client and introverted after intense days of working. I got my roots done and my curtain bangs trimmed. My girls made sandwiches for Cathedral Kitchen and seemed to enjoy themselves. I picked giant carrots from my garden.   I spent two lovely, long afternoons at the pool. I enjoyed all the small town gossip, drama and unraveling. And tonight, we celebrated the 16th birthday of Lily's first preschool friend, Izzy. 

Lily and Izzy used to fall asleep during preschool nap time at Lindenwold School 5 holding hands. I told Jacqueline at the Pandora store in Cherry Hill this entire story this morning when I was picking up Izzy's gift. I was hysterical and blubbering and I said some very strange things and then at some point Jacqueline asked me if Dee, Izzy's mother was my wife, and then I got upset because she wasn't and because Dee is a very good wife to Albert and these are our friends and I just love them all so much. 

This is all insane, I realize, but everyday is like this. 

And you know, what? I like it that way. 

I like things like having a random cat sit on my lap while I am on a very serious and professional call discussing childhood cancer and research and molecules and mutations while having my roots refreshed (this specifically happened on Tuesday). I like seeing my desk covered in Post-it Notes and coffee cups and Starbucks cold beverage cups and pens and notebooks at the end of a long week. I like knowing that I lived my entire week, as much as possible, and until my red lipstick wore off and my Lilly Pulitzer dress hem unraveled (note to self: find a thread and needle to repair several Lilly's!). I like celebrating with friends from our old neighborhood and thinking about the friends my own "old neighborhood" in Bucks County. I like having too much to do and too little time. I like everyday even when it is really hard and really imperfect and I am worried about everything and not sure about something and accomplishing nothing. I like wearing dresses and celebrating all the milestones I can with the wonderful people I love and who, despite all rationality, love me, too. 

It was a full week friends. And this is a full life I am leading. 


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