We're Home! (Day 196, Year 2)

After several delays, including someone taking the taxi ordered for us;  2 hours in the French custom line for people with children and from war-torn countries 2 hours, 45 minutes in security, 10 minutes in security detainment and then a very robust sprint to the very last terminal at Charles De Gaulle Airport, followed by a mental breakdown at the gate and emergency therapy from the gate agent Stephanie (who spoke in French and English, so I have no idea if she was soothing me or calling me a lunatic) and then a slight delay taking off and another one landing and then, of course, a 1.25 hour wait in the American customs line while we watched people have their passports placed in a red envelope and escorted to secret places, WE MADE IT HOME!

This morning, we were gazing at the Eiffel Tower and now we've just re-entered our regular, robust life of looking for missing objects (goggles, swim caps) and eating the best pizza in the entire world, which everyone knows is pizza from JERSEY. 

I am glad to be home; but we don't have a specific "next adventure" planned, so I know I will be consumed with planning our next sojourn from Eldridge; which will, of course, be followed by our return to Eldridge. 

Every time we come home, I am always struck by how much space there is in a home. Staying at hotels really shrinks your world and you get used to it quickly. We are all currently sitting in a variety of different rooms, not with one another. It feels glorious, after 10 days of togetherness. 

For now, I am going to return to my regular robust life of looking for additional missing objects (clean underwear, car keys) and then, quickly pass out. I am on Paris time, after all!