Let them eat brioche (Day 194, Year 2)

You know the phrase "Let them eat cake," attributed to Marie Antoinette. Well three very important things:

1. Marie Antoinette most likely did not say this. 
2. And the cake is actually brioche. 
3. This is an ignorant statement made by someone who did not understand that the starving poor people were not being pick eaters; but instead did not have access to any food, including brioche. 

Mike said you would all think this was boring! And maybe you do; but I think it is interesting! Also interesting, the beloved Sun King, Louis XIV, moved all the heads of state to Versailles, so he could know what was going on in all the places. . . .which gives a new perspective to our Congress and how we are taught it is about state representation; but now I think it is also pretty clear it is about state information. .. 

Mike also said this was boring. He did say I should share with you some of my personal episodes in France interacting with the French and non-French people! So grab yourself a chunk of brioche (available at Wegmans in Jersey!) and get ready for all the behind he scenes stories from the Adkins trip to France! 

Here are three stories from our adventures:

Story 1: The Extra Sheet
We need a couple extra sheets and blankets every night for Nicholas, who is sleeping on a camp mattress on the floor.  He actually prefers the floor and refers to himself as "Floor Baby." (Look, I don't understand either). Anyway, every time I call for the extra bedding, the person on the other end is baffled. So, I have a new backstory involving a marriage that was once in trouble; saved only by each of us having our own individual sheets and blankets and now we are celebrating our "anniversaire de mariage," thanks to individual bedding. I've told this story so many times that now it is REAL! So congratulate us! 

Story 2: The Cheap Sparkling Wine Situation. 
Tonight, we took it easy after a 10 mile day in Versailles (not eating cake OR brioche) in the 120 degree heat (approximate) and hung out in our hotel neighborhood. We visited a pop-up beer garden of sorts with a St. Germaine Spritz stand! The bartender is making my Spritz and breaks out the cheapest sparkling wine and suddenly, friends, I could SPEAK FRENCH. It was a miracle as I ranted about Voudrais-ing champagne, s-il vous plait. 

Story 3: The Judgmental Rat
Last night, one of the children had a meltdown that involved a domestic assault of their sibling. This is standard, but I AM ON VACATION DAMN IT. The offender had to have a very yelly time-out with me on top of a hill in a hipster neighborhood. A German family appeared to be judging my discipline. It made me angry, so when I was finished and we walked away, I turned and said, "HEY!!" and then used two fingers to point to my eyes and back at them to signify how I was watching them. 

Mike later told me no one was watching me; but instead they were most likely stress paralyzed in place by the GIANT croissant fed rat behind us and ready to eat our faces off. 


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