Jumping right in. (Day 197, Year 2)

Last night, I fell asleep while writing my blog and woke up wondering if I actually posted it. I did and it had more spelling errors than usual. But, c'est la vie, friends! I was fresh off a transatlantic flight and therefore not responsible for my actions. 

Today, I woke up at 5 am, ready to start my day, but instead I devoured more pages of the book I began on the flight home yesterday, "The Summer Place" by Jennifer Weiner. I told a friend today at the pool that I found Weiner's latest book to be less angry than her previous books and extremely addicting. However, then the book took a turn this afternoon. The turn was strange into chaos and absurdity and unresolved loose ends (Do the twins have two different fathers? We'll never know!!) and some questionable representation of stereotypes. 

However, I rallied through all the extramarital sex and confusion, to finish the book! I totally recommend reading and then calling me to gossip about fictional characters!

Also, I think I just lost my train of thought. 

Right, I was writing about today!  Today, we jumped right in to our regular schedule. My youngest two had a swim meet; my oldest had a leisurely morning at home. We saw all the people of our town (including this one lady who still cannot place me and acts as if I am a new resident.) and our friends this morning at the meet. We even got to gossip a little (the best!) and laugh (endlessly!) and then my very good friend was hit in the face with a tree branch that dropped out of the sky and onto to her face. It was terrible and I resisted the urge to run over and knock her husband over, while shouting, " THIS IS MY FRIEND I WILL SAVE HER."

Anyway, she will be fine and did not need to be actually saved, so I am glad I pulled myself together, 

I attempted to unpack (poorly. failed mostly). I weeded my garden (did not fail! It looks divine). And then went out to dinner with my husband while the younger two collapsed into bed early and the oldest went to babysit. It was a full day of being us, again, the Adkins of NJ, and I couldn't be happier to be back at it and back here .  

Bon soir, friends!