Home is where the friends are (Day 188, Year 2)

 I think that we've been up for 48 hours, maybe. It's hard to know exactly and I am on vacation so there is no way I am spending time figuring it out. 

We woke up "this morning" in England, managed the very, very, very long queue for families at Heathrow and made our way to Windsor for a lovely lunch and then an afternoon at the castle. 

The castle was fantastic. 

Then, we drove east to Whitchurch to see my friend Jenny and her brilliant, funny, charming, smart daughter Isabelle and Madeline (oh and, of course, her husband Ed, too). It's been literally forever since we've been together. But when we are, we just fit. Mike adores Ed. Ed adores Mike. I adore Jen. And Jen adores me. I adore their gorgeous, brilliant, smart, interesting girls. And Jen and Ed adore our ridiculous, brilliant, smart interesting girls and boy (their godson!). And I can say all these things because I fully and completely know that we are adored and they are adored back. 

Friends, friends, are home, always. You can leave one anothers side for years and months and days and decades but then when you return, no matter what the longitude and latitude may be, you are home. 

This trip of ours will have so many highlights. But, I know the ones that will linger forever will be the ones we spend with the people we love and who love us. 

This Yoke is short, because I am exhausted, but I leave you with this picture:

Jenny and I have been friends for 40 years. She is my home. And there is nothing better than coming home. 


  1. Friendships are everything you all are so blessed


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